As a stylist, learning about my clients' beauty regimens is something I do a. The most common mistake in routine is shampooing too frequently. Here are some reasons you should embrace the grunge and stop washing your hair as often. 

1. Your color will last so much longer

 If you're like me then you wear something other than your natural hair color. Each time you sudz up your scalp in the shower some of the artificial color out. Using cooler water temperature and washing your hair less frequently will keep your hair vibrant and shiny.

2. Second day hair looks better anyway

Lets face it; freshly washed hair always is limp if you have straight hair and frizzy if you've got curls. It seems like there's a magic number of hours that transform your clean locks from 'meh..' to lived in and chic.

3. Your hair will be healthier 

You won't believe it 'till you try it. The scalp produces natural oils keep the hair from drying out and splitting. I am not saying that you should swear off shampoo entirely, move to a commune and stop wearing deodorant. What I am saying is that your hair will get used to being washed a little bit less.

4. You will save time and $    

Alright, imagine it takes you 5 minutes to wash your hair everyday and 35 minutes for it to dry or you to blowdry. If you only wash your hair 3 times in a week rather than 7. You have already saved 2 hours and 40 minutes that week. Not to mention the frequency of trips to buy more shampoo will leave you with extra money and time to spend however you like.

5. Blowdrying Sucks

If I said that I had fun blowdrying my own hair that would be a big fat lie. Leaving me sweaty and generally annoyed 10 out of 10 would not recommend. The alternative, wait half a day for your hair to dry on it's own. Does anyone else snack breaks while trying to get their hair dry? Okay that's probably just me.