5 Tips to Kick BRASS

Blonde, silver, beige, platinum, sand, ash, grey. Here are some ways to keep your blonde hair cool-toned.

5. Wear a hat

You may not realize, but exposure to sun can add warm tones back in to your hair. Think sun-in GOLDEN YELLOW Highlights from the 90's. No bueno.

4. Chill out with the heat tools.

If you are using heat on your hair, just remember 450 degrees is never a good idea. Using excessive heat can actually pull toners out of hair and lighten color.

3.  Got to a professional

Do your research. That perfect cool-toned blonde or silver you're looking for isn't coming out of one bottle that you bought at Walgreens.

2.  Stop washing your hair with hot water.

See also 5 Reasons to Shampoo Less .

1.  Use a purple shampoo at least 2 times a month.

This one is important, keep some purple shampoo on hand. The purple pigment cancels out yellow and some orange tones (also know as brass). Some of my favorite Products to kick brass are Blacklight  and Pravana.


Lizz HoltComment